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Команда форума
Dear players, the administration presents to your attention a PR campaign.
If you want to help the administration - take part in the action.


Project PR on Internet sites (VK, Facebook and others)
Project PR on competitors forums.
Project PR on the game servers of competitors.
Report preparation with screenshots
Save links in a text document.
Create archive, upload to file hosting, create theme in this section
The title of the topic is PR.
The minimum number of screenshots is 80

Create an application in the technical section using the sample below.

Sample application:
Topic title: Your nickname - “Let Everybody Know About
Archive link + password
Number of screenshots
Your game nickname
In this section, only the topic author can view the topic PR text:

New Interlude x100 from
Modern, optimized Fafurion client
Beautiful picture with high FPS
Awesome online, all clans are here!
Opening November 9, 2019 at 19:00
Server Site - Lineage II Community
List of awards:

1st place - 250 Coin of Luck
2nd place - 200 Coin of Luck
3rd place - 150 Coin of Luck

The campaign ends on November 26th!