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1000 COL The fastest! Bonus promotion at the start.


Команда форума

We always appreciated players who set themselves high goals and conquer them. In honor of the opening of the Intrelude X100, we decided to reward players who are the first to reach heights and are decisively ahead of the rest. Become the one you don't really catch up with and win 1000 Coin of Luck.

We will be pleased to encourage 5 players who are the first to reach level 80 and receive a third profession:
First Place: 1000 RUBLES or 1100 Coin of Luck;
Second Place: 400 RUBLES or 500 Coin of Luck;
Third Place: 300 Coin of Luck;
Fourth and Fifth Places: 200 Coin of Luck;

Please note that there are restrictions on the promotion:
Additional condition: your * any weapon of any grade must be enchanted by +7 or higher;

To receive a reward, a player must, upon reaching level 80, receiving a third profession, as well as enchanting any of your weapons by +7 or higher, unsubscribe here, informing the character’s nickname and profession. The reward will be credited within 24 hours.